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Background Information.

Metro villas Company Limited is a   real  estate  Company ,established to serve the growing need for home ownership. Which has been in existence 5 year.

Our entry to the market is grounded on the Successful completion of Metrovillas  Phase One , Rabai Road, next to Metropolitan Hospital comprising of 34 homes in a gated community.

Our other projects that have been Successfully completed are KBC One and KAMULU One were we had subdivided 5 acres of land into 40ft by 80ft plots. These projects were  sold out and the owners are working on how to  add value to their land, but we would highly advice them to embrace controlled gated community because we believe it will help in maintaining  the beauty of the project  and it also  increases the value for their money.

We are professional, experienced, trustworthy and customer centric in our offering. We stand with you and help you realize your dream of being a property owner .