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Johari Homes

This is on a 5 acres block in Kamulu along Kangundo and is accessed by 2.1km motorable road. The area is built up with residential units, schools and other social amenities.

House type, estate design and management

This will be determined by the welfare committee in consultation with project promoter. The estate layout plan is aligned to a controlled gated community with provision for roads and street lights. The development of a controlled gated community maintains the beauty and value of houses. The management of the estate will be by a welfare association constituted by the plot owners with overall mandate to enforce the estate’s rules and regulations. Each plot owner will have one vote.

Plot size

40 by 80 ft. The plot size is similar to those for existing developments in the area.

No. of plots/Units: 41

Price per plot

An introductory price of Kshs 750,000 which covers land only. Perimeter fence, roads and other common infrastructure services will be priced and paid for separately.

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